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About Me

No more thinking that it takes years and years to build up your credibility to become a featured expert or writer.

Hi, I am Patrice Tartt, The DREAM BIG WRITING Coach® and I show my clients how to write, pitch, and publish. I have been featured in over 16 national publications and counting, as a featured expert and writer. I show women authors, bloggers, speakers, and entrepreneurs how they can turn their expertise and/or love for writing into an effective and quality pitch that can help them land a national feature as an expert, or as a writer for a national publication. I know firsthand how disheartening it is to spend countless hours researching the wrong information, to ineffectively pitch, and to get rejected.

I know, I know, you’ve pitched over and over again, and haven’t received that “yes” to your dream publication, and it seems like it’s nowhere in sight. Or you’ve never received that “yes”. I show my clients how to go from never being featured as an expert or writing for a national publication, to becoming a featured expert and writer by leveraging their expertise, matching properly to the right publications, along with pitching effectively. It’s possible with having me on your side; I’ve got your back!

Why I’m So Passionate

I started writing in order to cope with my dad’s passing and other issues that arose thereafter. The day of his funeral, I stood outside of his home hurt, angry, and confused, and said that I was going to write a book.

Prior to my dad passing away, writing was absolutely foreign to me. I mean, I would write in English class in high school, but the thought outside of that, especially creative writing, never crossed my mind. Oh yeah, and before I go on, a special shout out to Mr. Farley in Advanced Placement English who would bleed all over my papers every week with his red ink pen in high school. Sigh. I’ve come a really long way from that. Yet, I allowed the pain of my dad’s death to push me to my purpose of becoming a bestselling author and contributing writer for national publications like ESSENCE, Black Enterprise, HuffPost, Madame Noire, Sheen Magazine, Curly Nikki, Upscale Magazine, and Everything Girls Love.

Initially I used writing as therapy in order to cope with the loss of my dad, which really helped me to write my debut novel, Wounds of Deception. After I wrote and published it, I decided to expand my writing skills into the area of blogging, on a global level.

You see, after discovering that I could actually write, loved to write, and had this hidden talent to write, I couldn’t stop! It’s like a whole new world of “happiness” opened up for me, as writing is my “happy place”. It all started for me when a new blog created by a celebrity and reality television star, Yandy Smith was looking for bloggers, so I decided to pitch the editor. Trust me, it was my first time pitching to anyone, and I had no idea what I was doing, but once they told me that I would be joining their team as a contributing writer, boy was I excited! That was 2013, and I haven’t stopped since!

So What’s Your Story?

We all have one and I would love to learn more about yours! Joining my exclusive community gives you access to me as well as other like-minded women who share similar goals.

Are you totally excited and thinking to yourself, “Yes, Patrice! I need and want you to help me rock out this pitching ‘thing’?”

I hope so, because I am so ready to help you get clear, and gain clarity on who you should be pitching to, how you effectively pitch, and plus…I really just want to see you shine next to me in national publications! There are so many to choose from and there is room for us all. What fun is it if you are at the top, all alone?

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Here’s a few fun facts about me.

  • I don’t like wearing heels or earrings. Is that weird or what? I’m still a lady but I can rock out the cutest flats in my little black dress, with no earrings, a “blinged” out necklace, and a bracelet, and still feel like the baddest chica in the room! But, I do wear heels from time to time.
  • When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a special agent in the FBI. Did you know that I had an amazing opportunity to intern for the FBI in undergrad? Yes, girl! I surely did!
  • Did you know that I STILL want to be a Special Agent for the FBI? Shhh…don’t tell anyone though! I’ll still be here to assist you with pitching and writing, regardless. Remember, I got your back!

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